Empower your remote team with fun surveys

TrueTeams is a community survey solution that fosters a healthy, transparent, and fun company culture. Keep your remote team together while we work apart. 


As a leader, your feedback 
cannot wait a quarter or a year.

With TrueTeams, you are always in the know of what's happening in your team “behind the screens”. Jazz up your typical employee survey with fun questions and get a complete view of how your team is doing at a glance. 

Get radically honest feedback through complete anonymity. With our fun app, drive your team to constantly share their experiences and have their authentic voice in your company. 

Go beyond the overall percentage and understand your team by position, seniority level, age, relationship status or any other parameter you find meaningful.

Watch your teammates ask “fun” questions and get to know each other like never before.

We had so many employees leaving because they didn't feel connected with the company. There were no team retreats anymore and people just didn't know each other. Now I can see that TrueTeams is literally transforming our company's social scene. 


The app UX is so sleek that our employees just love using it. Since we introduced TrueTeams, our average response rate has hiked to 97-98%. It's awesome to see almost everyone's input in company-wide decisions.  Great solution.


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Your first 3 months with TrueTeams


We lead your teams through a simple turn-key onboarding process. Choose the topics, themes, and questions that fit the most to your unique company culture.

Your employees realize that TrueTeams is designed with them in mind. They can submit question ideas, see how they compare to others in real-time, and have a real authentic voice in your company.

Our team supports you every step of the way with fun question sets, best practices, and trend reports. Use the TrueTeams platform to help drive better retention, improve morale, and foster a winning team culture.



Get TrueTeams for just $3 per employee a month

✓   Clear, simple data visualization                  you can act on 

✓  Monthly sets of get-to-know-you
     questions to drive higher engagement 

✓   Expert guidance, trend reports and                much more

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