Hi, I'm Kaben.
CEO of TrueTeams.

kaben ceokaben ceo

And like you, I have a team. 

See, we used to be very close, working and having a lot of fun together. Picture a vibrant group of smart and talented people sharing interests, starting exciting conversations over a cup of coffee and making friends for life. That used to be us. 

But then the lockdown happened. And I could see how the connection we all so cherished gradually started to fade away. 

First, I didn’t fully know how my teammates were doing. Were they stressed? Dealing with challenges around family/kids? Much of this info was in the dark. Second, people didn’t feel like they belonged in the team anymore. Let alone the new hires who went months without getting to know their team.

I wanted to see how my team was doing every single week in a way that didn’t bore them or distract them needlessly. And I thought...what would a fun community-building survey solution look like?  

Every time people answer a question on TrueTeams, they see how others have answered it, broken down by some exciting demographics!
Suddenly, I could get a feel of how my team was doing every week (not a month or year).

Imy team became so curious to anonymously see how they relate to others in the team, that I didn’t even have to remind them to answer. Yet...in a remote/hybrid world, how  my teammates get to know each other even better? 

So in-between “pulse” questions, we also placed some fun community questions. For the first time, my team discovered their colleagues’ thoughts on everything from food, to their favorite TV shows, to their personalities. Knowing each other better in this way delighted everyone and brought us closer together than ever before. 

I believe TrueTeams can become the way to build a community your people never want to leave. On one hand, it gives you a sense of how your team is doing every week, and on the other helps your teammates form meaningful connections.
Try TrueTeams. 

Because no challenge can ever stop you when you have a great team.

Kaben Clauson

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